Superbly Crafted Metalwork that Brings Your Vision to Life!

Are you planning an exciting new concept for a shop, restaurant, residential or office project? Are you looking for innovative, finely crafted metalwork to show off your brand?

Superb design and architecture rely on fine workmanship. Whether you are an architect, designer, shopfitter or shop owner, you need a metal fabrication company that is committed to making your vision a reality.

At Formanova we've built a reputation on listening to our clients and delivering premium-quality work that meets their needs.

Every job is exciting, no job is too hard - we design creative solutions for the most exacting requirements. Our task is to take care of the details so that your unique vision comes to life.

Custom Metalwork Tailored to the Needs of Your Project

We know that you are working to a budget and that you have short timelines.

We'll work with you to produce the perfect metalwork - be it furniture, fittings, materials and finishes, for the size of your space, the concept you're aiming for and the scope of the project.

To keep things running smoothly, we consult with you at every stage while taking care of the details. We also guarantee on-time delivery!

Whether it's for interiors or exteriors, a large commercial development or an intimate retail or cafe space, Formanova provides the vital details that customers and clients notice.

We've worked all over Australia and with international clients, in a huge range of spaces including flagship shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, apartment developments, food courts and outdoor areas.

When It Comes to Metal Fabrication,
It's the Details that Count.

Getting the details right is essential to creating the mood, concept or brand that your design should convey.

At Formanova we are leaders in combining materials for the perfect look and finish that will reveal the uniqueness and individuality of your space. We use a variety of materials including:

Our high-quality work ranges from precision parts to completely assembled items. Naturally we can provide samples and prototypes that give you a range of options.

We're skilled in all aspects of metal fabrication, from welding, drilling, lathing and cutting to stamping, bending and shaping. And we're unique in our ability to combine state-of-the-art technology with traditional methods to bring you the very best in precision and innovation.

Expert Metal Fabrication for a Range of Design Concepts

Think we might be able to help? The wide range of custom-designed metalwork products we manufacture include:

  • Shop fittings: fixtures, shelving, displays and stands, counters, clothes racks, light fittings and creative mannequins;
  • Restaurant , cafe and bar fittings: seating, tables, counters, bars, partitions, light fittings, wine racks, plate displays, glass racks, and bottle displays;
  • Outdoor furniture and fittings: benches, stairs and railings, weather-resistant tables and chairs, metal or wrought iron fences, gates, mailboxes, house numbers, and designer or fancy door handles;
  • Creative designs: metal decorative fittings, sculptures, signage, logos, furniture, candle holders, fountains, outdoor features.

Contact Us Now!

For your free, no-obligation quote, or to find out how our expertise in metalwork can enhance your project, call us today on 03 9584 0055 or send an email.

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