Expert metal fabrication for a range of design concepts.

You draw it, we make it. Welding, folding, drilling, cutting, through to bending, machining, polishing, powdercoating and ageing. You name it, we’ve done it; and if we haven’t - we’ll figure out how.


We are Australia's leading metal fabrication manufacturer since 1993.

Formanova was created in 1993. Our managers, in-house professionals and consultants have many years of experience working alongside Australia's leading designers, shopfitters, manufacturers and trade specifiers.

All our products are manufactured and completed at our Melbourne factory. This means we're able to oversee each stage of the manufacturing process, and create the perfect product for your needs.


Combining unique materials for the perfect look and finish.

We manufacture combinations of metals for a variety of effects and finishes.

Brass & Copper


Bronze Patinas

Blackened Steel

Stainless Steel

Mild Steel



Careful attention to detail though is the essence of any good material palette, and this case also allows for increased flexibility in the space.

Attention to detail

Detail is what a client’s eye is drawn to, and as a finishing trade - our work is always on show. From weld type, through to join placement, how certain materials will behave or discolour, compliance and ease of installation on site - every detail is carefully considered and given our full attention.


Our high-touch approach of clear, direct and frequent communication between all internal and external parties keeps everyone on track to meet a project’s deadline, whilst making sure that our designers and clients have the input and updates that they need.


We take ownership of every element of our work, from timelines, to recommending the most appropriate materials, to our ability to fulfil the safety and compliance requirements in each project. The buck stops with us.

Creative Solutions

We pride ourselves on our ability to problem-solve the practical constraints and considerations of a project, whilst maintaining the aesthetic impact of the original design intent. We go to great lengths to prototype the perfect finish and construction methods for each unique situation.


There’s nowhere for defects to hide in the exacting specifications that we adhere to. We treat each project as if it were for ourselves, which ensures that we never put out any work that is below our high personal standards.


High-touch collaboration between our team and external project stakeholders builds the strong relationships needed to deliver flawless projects on time, on budget and to design intent. Internally, each of our staff is multi-skilled - meaning that your project has the best people on the job at each stage, and those same people have the capability to consider the production steps ahead of them - ensuring on-time and high-quality delivery of your work.


''Formanova are arguably the best in the business. Easy to work with and the level of detail is astounding''

Maximilian Kruse
Managing Director, Studio Tekni


Tony Del Greco
Founder & Managing Director
Elliot Del Greco
Sales Director