Good looks and durability

Aluminium metal fabrication is particularly suitable for architectural and design features in outdoor areas.

Aluminium is one of the most popular materials used in metal fabrication, particularly for exteriors. With its sleek and stylish good looks, it's also hardwearing, lightweight and resists corrosion. Aluminium combines superbly with other metals to display the uniqueness of your design concept and create ambiance and character. Because it's rust-resistant, aluminium metal fabrication is particularly suitable for architectural and design features in outdoor areas, such as stairs, railings, chairs and tables. It's also excellent indoors, in shelving, decorative posts and as a component of furniture. And aluminium light fittings are an ideal way to showcase individual design. Formanova creates top-quality custom-made aluminium products for both small and large design projects. We welcome the opportunity to create new and unusual metalwork combinations using aluminium for whatever your project requires.


Custom metalwork & finishing tailored to the needs of your project


Through an in-depth discussion, we determine the exact specifications of the project and understand the client’s needs and use-case, allowing us to provide a functional solution that considers and reflects the original design intent.

Drafting & Prototyping

Working from the architectural drawings or conceptual renders, we use shop drawings & workshops to make drafts that reflect the brief and meet compliance. We then create prototypes or samples to be reviewed by the builder, designer, or client, exploring every option to meet both budget and design intent.

Fabrication & Finishing

Working out of our local Cheltenham factory and with over 30 years of industry know-how, Formanova uses specialised equipment, materials and in-house techniques to manufacture award-winning metalwork for our amazing clients, whilst at the same time being able to create one-of-kind custom finishes for clients and designers who are looking for that unique touch.

Quality Control

Not every item that is fabricated makes it into the end product. Finishing isn’t an exact science, and we have extremely high standards to maintain a consistent level of quality across every touchpoint that we create for a project — whether it’s for a nationwide retail fit out or residential interior.


All Formanova products are designed to be as convenient as flat-pack furniture, meaning our clients’ trades can easily install them on site without needing contact or call-outs from us. This allows our clients to maintain timelines and budgets across the rest of their project. Once the deliverables are handed over, it’s onto the next brief.


Golden Goose Facade, Chadstone

We crafted the facade, cladding and shoe hanging frames window display for the Golden Goose store in Melbourne’s ‘fashion capital’ — Chadstone Shopping Centre.


Domaine Chandon

We were honoured to be called upon during the refit of Möet & Chandon’s award-winning Victorian winery Domaine Chandon, a standout project designed by Foolscap Studio.