Golden Goose Facade, Chadstone


Working with a brand like Golden Goose is an incredible opportunity to be a part of the global retail scene. As well as their Collins St boutique, we crafted the facade, cladding and shoe hanging frames window display for their store in Melbourne’s ‘fashion capital’ — Chadstone Shopping Centre.
The brief specified mild steel for the show frames racks and brushed aluminium for the rest. Brushed aluminium doesn’t exist as an off-the-shelf product, so we applied this bespoke finish in-house. As with all retail fitouts, the project came with its share of unique technical challenges! Everything from R&D and prototyping a finish to production had to be completed in the standard 28-day fit out timeline, as shopping centres will start penalising brands from day 29 if they are not open and trading by then — and as these elements are always left to last in a fit out, time pressure was the primary challenge. Further compressing our available manufacturing production timeline, every stage of the project needed approval from both Golden Goose’s head office in Milan and their design studio in Hong Kong, adding a day-and-a-half delay with each stage. The final and most important challenge was fabricating the facade. Working from site dimensions provided by the shopfitter, precision and attention to detail were paramount as we were manufacturing the cladding in parallel to the substructure being made on site. Utilising an NC guillotine and press break, each piece of aluminium was precision cut, folded, and then finished by hand in line with the approved reference sample — all within a 1mm tolerance. The fitter will feed us up-to-date measurements from site as they install the build, allowing us to adapt as we fabricate the rest. Part of our process when quoting a project like this involves planning how it would be executed, not only informing the price but putting us on the front foot timewise should we win the contract, by serving as a pre-production workshop. This helps reduce client variations, and creates a level of trust with our clients who know that we can deliver an end-to-end metal fabrication solution — from sampling to production — in a short timeline and under pressure. Even including the necessary allowance of 2 weeks to manufacture and 2 weeks to ship, our clients are confident that we can get it all done in as few as 20 days if required. Luckily for us, we thrive on a challenge.




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