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Featured in Est Living’s milestone 40th Issue, this was our first project with the legends at Dome Building and the team at BE Architecture. Our scope covered a laundry benchtop, mechanised drying rack, and four-metre rangehood canopy, all in brushed stainless steel.
The bench-top was straightforward enough, but the drying rack above it was an exciting engineering challenge which showed us that the phrase ‘fit for purpose’ takes on a whole new meaning when working on someone’s home as opposed to a retail space. When crafting retail metalwork, you need to consider how shoppers will interact with the pieces, what steps may be needed to protect the finish, and keeping the work consistent between stores. But more than anywhere else, the residential sector is where we must balance the design intent with the most practical, easy solution for the homeowner who will be living and interacting with our metalwork every single day. In this case, we went through several prototypes of a custom mechanism for the custom gas struts that operated the indoor clothesline. Each iteration was technically functional, but it took four attempts before we were satisfied that the result was a seamless fit for everyday life. The next piece for this project was the range-hood canopy. The range-hood itself was small, but the canopy was designed to the same dimensions as the island bench below it, fitted with LEDs and attached securely to the ceiling by discreet posts at each corner. It’s always a unique challenge crafting something aesthetically pleasing yet structurally appropriate. We coordinated with Dome’s site trades to place adequate ceiling supports, also providing advice to the design team at BE, advising them to alter the profile of the canopy by a mere centimetre for a more functional result that retained the design intent. At Formanova, we not only strive for seamless metalwork but for a seamless install for your site trades. We understand that your project is on a timeline and make the finished product as easy and efficient as possible to assemble, needing no call-outs or extra site visits from us. Even something as heavy and structurally significant as this canopy arrives on site ready to be installed by just about any labourer who can handle bolts and a drill — even easier to put together than flat-pack furniture!


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