Prince Public Bar & Little Prince Wine Room


St Kilda’s Prince Of Wales hotel has been a southside icon for over eight decades. In 2020, the Public Bar and Little Prince Wine areas of this historic venue underwent a major internal facelift led by the esteemed IF Architecture.
We consulted with IF Architecture in their early conceptual stages to advise on possible materials to use, to help ensure that their selections were both workable from a fabrication standpoint and fit for purpose. They wanted to create a high-end atmosphere using industrial materials for a comfortable contrast that the locals would appreciate. From heavy fabrication and hot-dipped zinc finishes on the 10mm steel plate legs, to the brass foot rails, powder coated bar frames, and fine zinc-coated sheet metal cladding of the Little Prince tables, every metal component was shop-drawn in conjunction with the joiner, and checked by both the builder and the team at IF to ensure that the design intent was met, and that the client’s site team could easily assemble the furniture in-situ. The chosen metal was zinc-coated galvanised steel, out of which we were briefed to create a reception desk and a grand table for the Little Prince Wine Room. The reasons for this choice were practical as well as aesthetic — the Prince is on the beach and its doors are often open, meaning this choice of material would withstand the salty sea air. We acted as a focal point throughout the process, carefully coordinating between the designers and the builders to ensure that size and weight of the fabricated furniture would be fit for purpose, easily assembled by the builder’s site trades, and adequately supported by the stacked timber substrate. Not only was it incredible for us to be involved in the rebirth of such an iconic venue, it also proved an opportunity to perfect our technique working with galvanised zinc sheet, achieving the rounded profiles through ultra-precise laser cutting — and ensuring any joins became invisible through careful placement and consideration of the finish. But the cherry on top? The golden-rainbow finish for the Public Bar Dining tables. This also involved solutions that achieved structural integrity while maintaining the design intent, such as the way we welded the edge band on the table to disguise the join and achieve a seamless finish.


Mild Steel
Brass & Copper
Blackened Steel


IF Architecture and CRC Constructions


Eat Drink Design Awards – Winner Best Bar, Winner Best Retail Design


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