Reine and La Rue


Nestled in the historic Melbourne Stock Exchange building, Reine is more than just a restaurant; it's a testament to architectural harmony, where history meets modernity. Our role in this majestic setting was to preserve and accentuate its rich heritage while ensuring functionality in a bustling hospitality environment. Drawing inspiration from the building's storied past, our metalwork serves as a bridge between the old-world charm and contemporary design, enhancing the space's grandeur.
Crafting a Heritage-Inspired Ambiance with Functionality At Reine, we meticulously balanced historical legacy with contemporary needs. The standout features were the elegantly designed brass wine glass shelves and innovative bar footrails. • Wine Glass Shelves: Fabricated from slender 19 x 19 brass square tubes, these shelves combine structural strength with aesthetic appeal. Designed in three segments for easy transport and installation, they exemplify practical elegance. Finished with a wax instead of a clear coat, the finish will continue to develop a natural patina over time, but can also be re-finished in situ if required. • Bar Footrails: A creative fusion of 3D machined timber and our proprietary liquid metal, these footrails showcase our determination to make the impossible possible. Collaboration and Innovation: Facilitating Vision and Practicality Working together with the builder, the Reine team and Akin Atelier, we ensured that each piece not only resonated with the restaurant's aesthetic but also met the practical demands of installation and usage. Our collaborative process included multiple prototypes, allowing us to fine-tune designs on the fly for simple site install by the builder, whilst maintaining a high-end finish. Material Mastery: Aged Brass and Liquid Metal The aged brass for the wine glass shelves underwent a meticulous hand-aging process, with several prototypes created to ensure alignment with the NOMAD Group and Akin Atelier’s and vision. For the bar footrails, the use of liquid metal over timber showcases our innovative approach to achieving intricate designs unattainable with traditional metalworking. The Bottom Line: Formanova's Distinctive Craftsmanship Formanova's work at Reine showcases our commitment to creating spaces that both respect heritage, and embrace modern functionality. For Melbourne's restaurant owners, builders, and architects, our project demonstrates the potential of brass fabrication in crafting spaces that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.


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The Age Good Food Guide Awards 2024, The Australian Design Review, The Local Project


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